About Congress

Dear Colleagues,

After successful CPP conferences  „Peptide Vectors and Delivery of Therapeutics“ in Tallinn 2011, the FEBS Lecture Course “Cell Penetrating Peptides” in London 2013, and  ”From Cell-Penetrating Peptides to Nanoparticles for Cellular Delivery” in Paris 2015, it is our pleasure to welcome you to the conference „Frontiers in Delivery of Therapeutics“, to be held between August 21st -24th, 2018, in Tartu, Estonia. The Conference is organised by the Centre of Excellence in Molecular Cell Engineering and the Institute of Technology, of University of Tartu.

The conference will cover a broader range of topics per drug delivery. The main theme of the conference is “Frontiers in Delivery of Therapeutics” and we aim to bring together scientists from various disciplines of drug delivery and targeting research, such as CPP- and virus mediated delivery, nanoparticles, liposomes, exosomes, formulation, pharmaceutics, and drug engineering to meet, network, and forge new scientific possibilities.

Topics of Discussion:

  • Delivery systems: nanoparticles, exosomes, viruses, liposomes, and CPPs
  • Delivery of proteins, small molecules, SSOs, siRNAs, and plasmids
  • Mechanisms and pharmacology of drug delivery and nanotechnology

Plenary Speaker:

  • Vladimir Torchilin, Northeastern University, Boston, USA

Keynote Speakers:

  • Giuseppe Battaglia, University College London, England
  • Ari Helenius, ETH Zürich, Switzerland
  • Roland Brock, Radboud University, Nijmegen, Netherlands
  • Ülo Langel, Stockholm University, Sweden/ University of Tartu, Estonia

Scientific Advisory Board:

  • Roland Brock
  • Arwyn Tomos Jones
  • Ülo Langel
  • Sandrine Sagan

Organized by Center of Excellence in Molecular Cell Engineering, University of Tartu, and Institute of Technology, University of Tartu.

Organizers: Margus Pooga (mpooga@ut.ee), Piret Arukuusk (piret.arukuusk@ut.ee), Ülo Langel, Andres Merits, Kaido Kurrikoff, Ly Porosk.